Skill Development Project


– Reducing negativity under the guidance of expert mentors.
– To create awareness about skill development by organizing expert guidance, workshops and competitions.
– Provide counseling and references as needed.


Skill Development Project is Initiative of SYF which was started in 2010 for School, College & community adolescents & Youth group. On the one hand, it is said that the youth do not get employment and on the other hand, they do not get skilled people for work. These two levels are found in society. It is more important in the present age to be aware of practical knowledge than book knowledge. Guidance workshops on personality development, leadership development, communication skills, oratory skills development, etc., as well as stress-free exams, time planning, how to study Guides on how to prepare for the exam Connection sessions are taken. Expert orientation camps, visits to industries, visits to training centers are also organized to develop entrepreneurial skills among the youth. Skill development is promoted by organizing oratory competitions, essay writing competitions, drawing competitions. To make trainers subject matter experts by conducting training for them. Counseling on personality development, human sexuality, HIV / AIDS, genital warts and tobacco addiction is provided as needed. To date, over 2011 youths have benefited from it.

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